Power Electric Automatic Commercial Juice Extractor Kd-3408

Power Electric Automatic Commercial Juice Extractor Kd-3408

Juicer Extractor KD-3408 

 Functional features: 

1.300W copper motor. 

2.Ease of use ON/OFF switch. 

3.Double safety interlock. 

4.Stainless steel spinner with high extraction rate. 

5.Separate pulp container and juice container. 

6.Detachable parts for easy cleaning.

Product name:Juice Extractor
Product type:KD-3408
Nominal Voltage:AC100-120V AC220-240V
Rated frequency:50~60Hz
Carton size:66.5*29*62cm
Rotate speed:18000r/min

How to use: 

1.Wash and cut ingredients to fit in feeder opening. 

2.Make sure the clamps are locked in position.   

Place glass or bowl under spout.   

If juicer container is not clamped correctly,motor does not operate. 

3.Plug in.   

Press the button. 

4.Push ingredients into feeder opening by using food pusher. 

5.After using,press button"OFF".Unplug.   

When unplugging,grip plug and pull from wall outlet.   

Never pull on cord.